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Dinnertime Comin’

Special thanks to my lady friend for contributing the line, “Gotta pass the parmesan”. Why did I even write this? I need to use my time more wisely. Dinner Time is Comin’ By The Free Food Guy Derived from “California Callin’” by Enrique Iglesias Dining through the night Sauce is […]

Free Food

Free pizza from Pie Five

Pie Five is a pizza chain that appears to offer made-to-order, assembly line style personal pizzas like chains Your Pie and Pieology. They released a new app (“Circle of Crust”) and for a limited time you can a free pizza when you sign up! It’s unclear exactly when this promotion […]

Free Food

Chipotle BOGO valid through August 31

Every so often, Chipotle create a game for you to play, and when you complete it and enter your number they’ll text you a BOGO. This iteration is a bit trippy, but in the end it’s all about the BOGO: The coupon itself expires 8/31 but you can only […]