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Use holiday gift cards to get free food

Around the holidays, many restaurants  (and other stores–I was able to save $5 on a haircut by buying a discounted gift card!) will offer discounted gift cards, e.g buy a $20 gift card, get $5 free. If you buy them for restaurants you already go to, it’s an easy way […]

Free Food

Free $5 with Square Cash!

Square has their own version of Venmo called the Cash app. If you sign up with a referral link, they’ll give you $5 of straight up cash when you send $5 to someone else. So grab a friend or family member, sign up, and send each other $5 and you’ll […]


Why I now own cryptocurrency.

Note: This is the only post I’ve ever written that has nothing to do with free food. It’s just something I’ve been thinking about. A couple weeks ago, I bought cryptocurrency–specifically, Bitcoin and Ethereum. One reason I waited until now is because, even though I have a technical background, I […]