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What kind of free food can I get?

Pretty much anything. Here are a few real examples of free food deals I’ve shared with the community.

  1. Free all-you-can-eat pizza
  2. Free burritos
  3. Free coffee and espresso-based drinks
  4. Free ice cream
  5. Free subs
  6. Free donuts
  7. Free chicken sandwiches and chicken biscuits
  8. Free burgers
  9. Free sushi

How do I get started?

The easiest way to get started is to sign up to the Free Food newsletter (scroll down if you’re on mobile, look to the sidebar if you’re on desktop). Once you sign up, you’ll immediately receive a copy of the Free Food Guy’s Free Food Guide, with a dozen different ways to get free food from restaurants and heavily discounted (and sometimes free) groceries.

You can also follow the FFG Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages, as well as the FFG subreddit.

Who are you? 

I’m the Free Food Guy, and I’m honored to be your guide on the journey to free and heavily discounted food. My journey to free food began in the summer of 2015. I was working on a startup with my friend, and the company was rapidly depleting what little savings I had left. Desperate to survive the summer with a nonzero bank account balance, I began searching for ways to save money on groceries and food. Over the next two months I was able to get approximately $4000 worth of free food! I was having fun too–this felt like I game where each delicious, wallet-lightening, belt-tightening bite was my reward for victory. While the startup didn’t work out, I knew I was on to something. But now I was unemployed, broke, and in even greater need for free food.

While looking for ways to supplement my nonexistent income while I looked for jobs, I stumbled upon /r/beermoney, a subreddit devoted to helping people make chunks of change here and there by answering surveys, doing simple online tasks, and creating passive income streams. I loved the community in /r/beermoney, because everyone was genuinely devoted to helping each other. To give back, I submitted a few free food deals I discovered and was honored with the moniker “Free Food Guy.”

What is this site, and why did you start it?

This site is a place to aggregate and share all the free food deals I and the people/bots of the internet discover so we can all benefit. I created it because I was getting a ton of PMs from people lamenting that they had missed out on some of the deals I had posted and asking me to notify them of the next deal. Others began posting free food deals to the subreddit, and I realized everyone would benefit from having them in one place. Hence, FreeFoodGuy.com was born!

Hey, I know of a deal to get free or heavily discounted food that isn’t on here! How do I tell you?

I alone cannot find every morsel of free food out there, so I rely on the community to let me know about other deals so I can get the word out. Please submit your deal to https://www.freefoodguy.com/submit. You’re the hero we need.

Won’t I get fat/fatter?

Maybe. Probably. If you’re worried about that, get a Fitbit and head on over to /r/fitness!

How can I contact you?

Send me an email at hello [at] freefoodguy [dot] com, fill out the contact for below, or reach out on Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and Twitter. Since I have no life, friends, ambitions, hopes, or dreams, I usually respond quickly!

Why do you use referral/affiliate links?

Many of the free food deals require referral links. Referral links also really help me out–they either help me get free food, or (less often) they help pay rent and the rapidly increasing costs of maintaining this site and the email list. I’ll do my best to be upfront about them, and I appreciate your support.

Anything else you want to say?

To misquote a Taylor Swift song:

The best pizzas in life are free.

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