Unlimited (almost) free breadsticks or cheesesticks from Pizza Hut

Unlimited (almost) free breadsticks or cheesesticks from Pizza Hut

Step 1: Sign up for the Pizza Hut email list (“Hut Lovers”), and get a coupon for free cheesesticks or breadsticks with any purchase.

Step 2: Order cheesesticks/breadsticks and an extra cup of marinara sauce, and use the coupon Pizza Hut emailed you.

At my local Pizza Hut the marinara sauce costs $.50, so I was able to walk out with the cheesesticks and two cups of marinara sauce (the cheesesticks/breadsticks already come with one) just with two quarters and a few pennies for tax.

Step 3: Enjoy your meal! The cheesesticks are pretty filling and definitely can serve as an (admittedly not so healthy) meal substitute in a pinch.

Step 4: Use the Gmail trick and do it again! I’ve done this multiple times in a 24 hour period.

The great thing about Pizza Hut is they send the coupon instantly, so you can sign up at home, receive the coupon a minute later, place the order online, and go pick it up hot and ready–all within a 15 minute timespan!

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