Free subs from Quizno’s!

Free subs from Quizno’s!

Edit (3/22/2017): In response to the popularity of this post, Quizno’s has disabled many (though not all!) of these promo codes 🙁

1) Download the Quizno’s app for iOS and Android

2) Create an account (using my referral code, “GiorgioNa7868”, is much appreciated!). If you create an account with Facebook, you get 10 points (70 points = free 8 inch sub).

3) Enter in the following promo codes:

Facebook (3 points)

Twitter (3 points)

Bonkers (20 points)

Imgur (20 points)

Passion (10 points)

Frugal (10 points)

Bargain (10 points)

Simple (10 points)

Intentional (10 points)

CouponDad (10 points)

Thrifty (10 points)

toasted (1 point)

chicken (1 point)

lobster (1 point)

italian (1 point)

cheddar (1 point)

pepper (1 point)

denver (1 point)

At the end of this, you should have 134 points (or 124 if you didn’t sign up with Facebook). 70 points = 1 free 8 inch sub, so you’ve basically got two free 8 inch subs! And signing up for the app gets you a free small sub with any purchase (and that purchase earns you points as well!), for a total of ~three free subs!

Oh, and did I mention that you can log out, create a new account, and repeat this process?

Mmm, mmm, mmm, toasty.

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  1. The 10 point codes aren’t working for me

  2. Just want you to know that alot of these coded do not work. All the below
    codes do not work:

    Facebook (3 points) – Does not work

    Twitter (3 points) – Does not work

    Passion (10 points) – Does not work

    Frugal (10 points) – Does not work

    Bargain (10 points) – Does not work

    Simple (10 points) – Does not work

    Intentional (10 points) – Does not work

    CouponDad (10 points) – Does not work

    Thrifty (10 points) – Does not work

    Simple (10 points) – Does not work

  3. this no longer works