How to never pay full price for gas again

This isn’t a free food deal per se, but with the holiday season in full swing  I know many people will be traveling to see family, and I want to help you all save on gas. This is certainly of interest to me, since Atlanta’s horrendous traffic and hot summers leads to significant extra gas use.

To get these savings, you’ll need to be near a Kroger with an attached gas station. Kroger gas stations usually have gas that is competitively priced with nearby stations. If you sign up for a Kroger Plus card, you get $.03 off per gallon, and when you earn 100 fuel points ($1 spent at Kroger = 1 fuel points), you get an additional $.07 off for one visit (for a total of $.10 off on one visit).

Here’s the trick: first, open multiple Kroger plus cards. This is easy because you can get a physical card without filling out any information. Just go to customer service/guest services, ask for a card, and say you’ll fill out the information online. The card still works, and you don’t ever have to go online. Do this a few times until you have at least 3 cards, and possibly more, depending on how often you refuel your car.

Every Kroger receipt has a survey that you can complete, which will earn you 50 fuel points, even if you only spent $1. The catch is you’re limited to 1 survey every 7 days per Kroger Plus Card. So you spread out your surveys across multiple Kroger Plus cards so you’re constantly earning those 50 point bonuses, and if you stagger correctly (with the correct number of cards), you will always have enough fuel points on one of your cards to get $.10 off on gas, forever.

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  1. The shell fuel reward card is also a good deal — gives you 5 cents a gallon off, with sometimes promotions on certain days to double the amount. The trick is finding a shell station that has competitive prices.