Free Uber rides from the airport

Once again, I’m including a travel tip here because of how many of you will be traveling during the holidays, even though it’s not strictly a free food deal.

Uber and American Express have partnered to allow for two FREE Uber rides from the airport (up to $65–you pay the difference if it’s more)! Three conditions: 1) only certain airports 2) you must have an Amex card linked to your Uber account 3) You must redeem the credits by 12/31. Full announcement at

Some people (including me have had issues with using the promo code, AMEXAIRPORT. If you have any issues, just email Uber support and tell them the promo code isn’t working (include the link above, and a screenshot of the promo code not working to speed things up), and they should add it to your account. They did for me and a few other people who had this issue. If you’ve already taken the ride, I’ve heard from others that they’ll give you a full refund as well.


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