How to maximize your Chipotle meal

How to maximize your Chipotle meal

Chipotle is extremely popular among the FFG community, and whenever I do giveaways it’s typically the most requested gift card. So here are a few tips to maximize the amount of food you get.

If you’re paying for the meal:

  1. Always get a burrito bowl and ask for a tortilla on the side. It costs the same as a burrito, but they stuff more food into a bowl than they do a burrito since they’re constrained by the physical limits of the tortilla. You can then construct your own burrito with the bowl contents and the tortilla, and you’ll typically have 30-50% of your burrito bowl left!
  2. Ask for both white and brown rice. Instead of getting a half portion of both kinds of rice, you typically get a 60 or 70% portion of each, resulting in 20-40% more rice!
  3. Ask for both black and pinto beans, for the same reason as above.
  4. Get the fajita veggies. They automatically put the fajita veggies on if you’re getting a veggie bowl/burrito, but will add them (at no extra charge!) upon request even if you’re not getting a veggie bowl.
  5. If you’re getting guac, get it on the side. They always put more guac in the side-containers than they do on top of the bowl/in the burrito.

If it’s free:

I assume you’re already part of Chipotle’s Chiptopia summer rewards program (if you’re not, sign up at, which basically gets you a free entree with every three entree purchases. Here’s how to make the most of the free visits:

  1. Do all of the above, except #5. If you get guac on the side, you’ll be charged ~$2 for the guac while getting the entree free. However, if you put the guac on top, you won’t be charged for it! This may also be an opportunity to try the controversial lid guac strategy
  2. Get double meat. The entree is free whether you get a regular helping of meat (or sofritas, if you’re vegetarian) or a double helping, so go for two! The best way to do this is ask for the second helping after they’ve already put the first helping. If you ask for two helpings up front, they tend to reduce the size of the helpings by ~20% to compensate for the fact that you’re getting two.

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