How to get free (sort of) Chipotle catering

How to get free (sort of) Chipotle catering

For the months of July, August, and September, Chipotle is running a rewards program called Chiptopia. First, you get free chips and guac for signing up. Then, you get rewarded as follows:

  • A free entree after the purchase of four entrees (entrees #1-4). This counts as entree #5
  • A free entree after eight entrees (this counts as entree #9)
  • A free entree after 11 entrees (this counts as entree #11)

After hitting 12 entrees and/or the beginning of a new month, the counter resets to zero. If you reach “Hot” status (12 entrees in a month) for all three months (July, August, and September), you get free Chipotle catering for 20 people:

So what’s the strategy? When you sign up for Chiptopia, you’re given a QR code that you can screenshot and present to the cashier to scan. Team up with  two or three friends/family members and use the same QR code each time any one of you go to Chipotle. You’ll rack up the rewards much faster, and with three other people each of you would only have to go to Chipotle once a week to hit Hot status every month and get 20 people’s worth of free Chipotle!

Edit: According to the fine print, you can get one rewards credit per day, so you need to go to Chipotle at least 12 days a month to hit the mark.


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