Prime Pizza Places

Prime Pizza Places

For the inaugural Free Food Giveaway (yes, I hope to make these a regular thing!), I asked entrants in the FFG community to recommend their favorite pizza places in their towns and cities. Below is the entire list of Prime Pizza Places, brought to you by the lovely people on the Free Food Guy mailing list. I also added my recommendations as well!

A few notes:

  • I wasn’t able to add all recommendations because some people gave the name of a pizza place but not the location, and there are multiple pizza places with that name.
  • The “location” is the largest city within an hour’s drive, or the actual town if there is no large city nearby. This sometimes results in some odd locations (e.g., Colony Grill of Stamford, CT being listed as New York), but it seemed the simplest way to consolidate nearby pizzerias.
  • The rating is the average of the pizzeria’s Yelp and Google rating. If there are multiple locations and no specific location was given, I took a sample of a few locations and averaged them.
  • The formatting got kind of messed up when I pasted the tables here 🙁
  • Many of these recommendations came with nice things to say about me, this website, and the mailing list. Thanks!


Name City Rating Comments
Bob’s Victory Grille Tuscaloosa, AL 3.5 “They serve coal fired pizza, calzones, and paninis along with your standard burgers and sides. Really good stuff.”



Name City Rating Comments
Pieology Los Angeles, CA 4.4 “I like how you pay a flat amount per pizza and can add as many toppings as you like – economical for a broke college student (like me).”
Pizza d’oro Los Angeles, CA 4.2
Bronx Pizza San Diego, CA 4.5
Etna Pizza and Italian Grill San Diego, CA 3.6 “The crust isn’t anything to rave about, but what makes the difference with them is their toppings. They’re tasty, fantastic, and have so many choices you won’t see anywhere. The fresh garlic really is; you can taste it. The breaded eggplant is something I ordered on a whim and am so glad I tried it. Order with extra sauce and get the tastiest, messiest pizza ever.”
Fillipi’s Pizza Grotto San Diego, CA 4.0
Woodstock’s Pizza San Diego San Diego, CA 4.1 “Great crusts, a whole lot of flavorful sauce options, and really high-quality toppings. I don’t normally go for just veggies on my pizza, but their pesto primavera is so good that you don’t miss the meat at all. Monday evenings they do a bogo offer, and I tend to get a Pesto Primavera and Woody’s Waui if the pizza mood strikes on a Monday.”
Tony’s Pizza Napoletana San Francisco, CA 4.2
Zachary’s Chicago Pizza San Francisco/Oakland, CA 4.5



Name City Rating Comments
Coal Fire Pizza Washington, DC 3.5
Ledo Pizza Washington, DC 3.1
Pete’s New Haven Style Apizza Washington, DC 3.8



Name City Rating Comments
Pizza Xtreme Orlando, FL 4.2
Prato Pizza Orlando, FL 4.5 “Damn good pizza.”
Via Napoli Orlando (Disney World), FL 4.1
Fired Up Coal Oven Pizza Palm Springs, FL 3.4 “Old School Pizza is a close second.”
Blaze Pizza Sarasota, FL 4.6 “Look at their upcoming location openings, because they give out tons of free pizza during their grand opening day.”
Mellow Mushroom Tampa Bay, FL 3.8
Westshore Pizza Tampa Bay, FL 3.4



Name City Rating Comments
Antico Pizza Napoletana Atlanta, GA 4.4 “Get the San Gennaro if you eat meat, the Margherita or Pomodorini if you don’t. The Alpharetta location tastes just as good, but the Atlanta location has more character. BYOB, so feel free to bring a bottle of wine! Ranked among the top 10 pizzerias in America by Tripadvisor. “
Automatic Pizza Athens, GA 4.4 “Instead of giving you order numbers, they give you toy dinosaurs. ‘Nuff said.”



Name City Rating Comments
Last Frontier Pizza Co. Moscow, ID 4.5 “Good lunch special for cheap.”



Name City Rating Comments
Lou Malnati’s Chicago, IL 4.3



Pub Dog Pizza and Drafthouse Baltimore, MD 4.3
Slice Pizza Co. Baltimore. MD 4.0 “They serve up some nice NYC-style slices! Not sure how “authentic” they are, but for me it’s pretty good!”


Name City Rating Comments
Alfredo’s Italian Kitchen Boston, MA 4 “My go-to place for takeout in Boston!”
Area IV Boston, MA 4.2 “Great Neapolitan style pizza. Get the regular garlic knots as well!”
Flatbread Company Boston, MA 4.2 “Specialize in lighter, flatbread pizzas. Lots of vegetarian friendly options too.”
Galleria Umberto Boston, MA 4.5 “Only make Sicilian-style cheese slices, cash only. Expect to wait in line. They are open from 11 AM to whenever they run out of dough, which is typically 2:30 PM.”
Regina Pizzeria Boston, MA 4.2 “If you go to the original North End location, expect to wait in line!”



Name City Rating Comments
Anthony’s Gourmet Ann Arbor, MI 4.4
Tomatoes Apizza Detroit, MI 4.2 “They use a coal fired oven and it is done in the New Haven style.  Highly recommended!”



Name City Rating Comments
Fat Lorenzo’s Minneapolis, MN 3.7 [When researching the ratings, I found a large disparity between the two locations. Keep that in mind if you plan on eating here! – FFG]
Pizza Luce Minneapolis, MN 4.1



Name City Rating Comments
Lost Pizza Company Northern Mississipi / Mississippi Delta, MI 4.0 “Their barbecue pizza is killer.”



Name City Rating Comments
d’Bronx Pizza Kansas City, MO 4.0
Waldo Pizza Kansas City, MO 4.2



Name City Rating Comments
Colony Grill New York, NY 4.0
Don Antonio New York, NY 4.2
Grimaldi’s Pizza New York, NY 3.7 “Amazing pizza, but be prepared to wait in line. Go to the location by the Brooklyn Bridge!”
Juliana’s Pizza New York, NY 4.5 “Right next door to Grimaldi’s with a famed rivalry—an even better option in my opinion! There often is a line here as well.”
Percy’s Pizza New York, NY 4.3
Roberta’s New York, NY 4.2



Name City Rating Comments
Michaelangelo’s Pizza Wilmington, NC 3.7 “They have mastered the art of thin NY style pizza, with super fresh ingredients, amazing tomato sauce, and decent prices. They also offer great pasta and subs too!”



Name City Rating Comments
Rhombus Guys Fargo, ND 4.1



Name City Rating Comments
Catfish Biff’s Pizza and Subs Columbus, OH 3.7
The Flying Pizza Dayton, OH 4.2
Mile’s Pizza Pub and Sub Shop Toldeo, OH 4.2



Name City Rating Comments
Escape from New York Pizza Portland, OR 4.2 Honorable Mentions: Hotlips Pizza, Apizza Scholls

Avoid: Pizza Shmizza”



Name City Rating Comments
Zavino Philadelphia, PA 4.0 The submitter specifically recommended the location on 13th and Sansom



Name City Rating Comments
Lupi’s Pizza Pies Chattanooga, TN 4.5



Name City Rating Comments
Mangieri’s Pizza Café Austin, TX 3.9
Via 313 Austin 4.5
Cane Rosso Dallas, TX 4.1 “Get the Honey Bastard”
Mama’s Pizza Dallas, TX 4.0



Name City Rating Comments
Settebello Pizzeria Napoletana Salt Lake City, UT 4.2
Slackwater Pizza Salt Lake City, UT 4.2 “Their chicken Tikka mashala pizza is awesome”



Name City Rating Comments
Belmont Pizzeria Richmond, VA 4.3
Piccola Richmond Pizza and Subs Richmond, VA 3.7
8 ½ Richmond VA 4.2



Name City Rating Comments
Woodlands Pizza and Public House Seattle, WA 4.4



Name City Rating Comments
Pizza Al’s Morgantown, WV 4.2



Name City Rating Comments
Pizza Bruta Madison, WI 4.6 “Neapolitan style pizza, and they use fresh ingredients and have a great crust!”
Pizza di Roma Madison, WI 3.5 “Huge, cheap, greasy slices that are available until 3am!”





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